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Summer Activity Book

Client: Zen Maker Labs
Project Overview
Over the summer of 2021 I was hired on a part-time contract at Zen Maker Labs as their lead illustrator to oversee the Summer Activity Guide for Zen Maker Labs. I worked with a team of student interns to produce an activity book and reward stickers to be incorporated into their summer lessons.
My Contributions
Lead Illustrator, project manager, and art director
Gary the octopus and friends
Sticker and page sanmples.Course page 02.Sample page 04.

Zen Maker had a mascot called Gary the Octopus. and several project kits for sale as additional learning opportunities. Previously one of the student interns had created personafied versions of the kits. Working with her I expanded the cast to include all project kits and rebrand Gary the Octopus.
I also isolated five key fields of study at Zen Maker that I used to create categories for the "achievement badges.

Those Achievements were:

- Building
- Film & Animation
- Coding
- Creativity
- Engineering

I worked with the student interns to develop "achievement badges" colour coded to each category. The achievements are based on things the students would do in the variety of courses on offer. I set up the sticer tmeplate and assigned the illustration work to the different interns at Zen.

Summer Activity Book cover.Course page 01.

The hope in this project was to create a book where the students could track their progress in the course with reward stickers. To this end I had to do an analysis of Zen Makers course offerings, and isolate what achievements could earn stickers. Ulmately I decided on a section for completed courses, course learning achievements and a safety check section.

Zen Maker offered multiple courses sthe children could complete as part of the summer program. Each completed course earned a sticker, hopefully showing students their progress and incentivizing enrollment in further classes.

Achievement stickers.

I also created instructional safety comics to help teachers orient students to the variety of lab safety procedures.  Upon successful completion of a safety orientation the teacher could give the students a sticker to track who has compelted their safety "training"

Safety achievement stickers.Safety Comic 01Safety Comic 02.Safety Comic 03.

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