Project Overview
For my thesis project at Capilano University, I tackled the problem of independent comic distribution. To this end my research led me to "The Indie Pull Box". Inspired by the pull box service provided at brick and mortar comic stores, this website will connect indie creators to new readers.
My Contributions
Art Direction, Illustration, UX/UI Design, Motion Design, Site Design.
The logo was inspired by the traditional boxes used to store comics in a comic shop. The other major feature was the genre map, that would create an interactive animated genre map to incentivize browsing and discovering new work.
Each genre has an animated land to represent that genres space on the website. Below are some samples of the genre illustrations.
Below is a sample of a selected genre home.
Additionally, I developed a user home with the hopes that the site would generate an online community around the indie comics.
Another major inovation was to provide a subscription box, where users could select comics and have them delivered on a monthly basis. Below are examples of the subscriprtion box and the sign up page.
To increase user engagement, I developed a user home for messages, book reviews and other community news. The mobile site was also developed to further increase engagement.
To make a welcoming introduction for new users, I also developed the mascot of "Bex" as a guide for highlighting features on the site.

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